Horse Riding and Yoga
6 days / 5 nights – £850 (2 nights luxury hotel (All Inclusive) 3 nights Bedouin style camping, 4 days riding)

Featured in British Vogue as one of the top 12 destinations for yoga and horse riding, Sharm Equestrian offers a stunning desert experience away from the bright lights and hustle of the city.

Our retreat explores yoga in a natural and quiet setting and is ideal for people new to yoga or those already experienced. Combined with daily horse riding, you could not wish for a more beautiful setting to realign with yourself mind, body and soul. You will practice Yoga Nidra in the sunset and listen to the sound of the waves on the shore, riding the stunning beaches of Nabq National Park and dining together around the campfire watching the rising of the stars in the sky.

Your hotel stay part of the holiday will be spent in 5 star luxury in the distinctive style of the Jaz Mirabel Beach. This stunning hotel blends contemporary Tuscan architecture with warm Egyptian service, perfect for those days by the pool with a cocktail. The food is also outstanding!

Why Yoga?

How can yoga make us better horse riders? Horse riding requires us to have a strong core, a balanced seat and an alert focus. Horse riding like yoga, demands that we are present in the moment. When we lose this focus, we lose the energy connection with our horse, and depending on the situation, we lose our physical connection as well.

Yoga postures create balance, flexibility, strength, awareness and regardless of your level, this practice of yoga will benefit and improve riding experiences as well as the relationship with your horse. Yoga postures create an openness in a particular part or area of the body, these aid in preparing the body for riding and in achieving a balanced strong seat.

Horses are extremely sensitive and live in the present. Yoga teaches us to be present and live in the moment the two practices go hand in hand.


Jaz Mirabel Beach Hotel

Nights 1 and 5 are at Jaz Mirabel Beach Hotel, a luxury hotel in Nabq on an all inclusive basis. Jaz Mirabel Beach offers stunning views of the Red Sea in a luxurious but relaxed setting for the perfect Egypt holiday. It lies on the shores of a lagoon in Nabq Bay, a ten minute drive from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

Nights 2 and 4 are spent at a Bedouin village sleeping in quaint private beach cabins by the sea. Showers are available onsite, and there are also washrooms, fixed toilets and a restaurant.

Night 3 is spent in your personal tent (each person has their own), and mattresses and sleeping bags are provided for you, although on a warm evening many people choose to sleep out under the stars which is an unforgettable experience. Solar showers and a camping toilet with private toilet tent are also provided.


The outline itinerary is as follows. Please note that the actual riding itinerary and route is subject to local conditions, the weather and the composition of the group. You should expect to see all of the famous sites mentioned at some point during the week, but not necessarily in this order.

Horse riding and yogaDay 1 – Arrive in Sharm El Sheikh where you are met and driven to your hotel, the Jaz Mirabel Beach. A cocktail and welcoming smile await you with dinner and a warm Egyptian welcome Overnight at your hotel.

Day 2 – After a luxury breakfast our private drivers will collect you to travel to our facilities. After a welcome meeting and some tea, you ride through an open valley with views over the Red Sea towards the Coast Gate of the Nabq Oasis to swim with the horses. Swimming with horses is extremely popular and is one of the most spiritual and beautiful connections with human and horse to be found.

After a light snack and some sunbathing on the beach, late afternoon we will saddle up and ride along the sea to the National Park in time for dinner. The first day is a slower introductory riding day allowing you to get to know your horse. The faster paced work will be introduced as your confidence grows. Your first night is spent at a Bedouin Village sleeping in private beach cabins by the sea, with a dinner of freshly caught fish, breads and chicken, all cooked on arrival using traditional Bedouin methods.

Your first yoga class will be at sunset. Day 1 is approximately 3 to 4 hours in the saddle.

Horse riding and yogaDay 3 – This is your first full day of beach riding! After your morning yoga class and breakfast, we will continue our ride along the coastline on to Wadi Qabila. You will see stunning views of Tiran Island and the famed Maria Schroeder wreck by the Mangroves Natural Sea Forest. The nature in Nabq is breathtaking, among the birds that live or pass through the area during migrations are herons, ospreys and storks. Other wild animals living in the oasis include foxes, hyenas and gazelles, and more than 130 plant species of which 85 are unique to this area.

The long sandy beaches make an ideal setting for a full day of riding along the sea with the wind in your hair and plenty of canters along the way. Yoga classes are in the morning and evening with views of the sea and mountains.

Day 4 – Today’s route will take us along the sea, passing the Ruwaisseya Area, its Mangroves and Lagoon, arriving mid morning at the Visitors Centre / Museum and El Dagal Bird Sanctuary. We will spend some time here, taking in the history of the park and stunning natural views before riding a little further, stopping for lunch with superb views of the mountains and canyons.

Horse riding and yogaAfter lunch we will continue riding, heading back towards the sea before reaching Ghargana Mangroves. This is a longer riding day of around 5 hours which mixes mountains and the beach, enjoying long canters. Your last night is spent at a Bedouin Village sleeping in quaint private beach cabins by the sea. Yoga classes are in the morning and evening with views of the sea and mountains.

Day 5 – Today, the last day, after your yoga class and breakfast we will head inland to the deserts, canyons and mountains, with varied terrain and super fun places for a canter and gallop. The morning ride is 3 hours, stopping for lunch inside the canyons before riding back to the equestrian centre at around 4pm.

Your driver will meet you at the stables and after some tea and farewells will transfer you back to the Jaz Mirabel Beach Hotel in time for a wonderful dinner. There is only one yoga class in the morning today.

Day 6 – Relax and departure with transfer to Sharm El Sheikh Airport. For those on afternoon or evening flights, we highly recommend using the spa for some additional luxury before leaving to complete your experience.

Yin and Yang Yoga

Yin the feminine principle: dark, passive, receptive, reflective, withdrawn, cool introspective. Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into the connective tissue to help flexibility and aid healing whilst stimulating the nadis and meridians to loosen energetic blockages and increase your energy flow.

Yang the masculine principle: light, active, outward and upward moving, hot energy is more traditional hatha or ashtanga based asana that will develop macular strength stamina and flexibility.

Yang Morning Classes (1 hour)

Classes will rise to the Egyptian sun with an yang practice to wake you up energise you and mobilise the body to refresh the body’s vibrancy and maintain health. The fluid balancing gentle flow of this practice will set you up on your way for the rest of the day and focus on trouble spots for riders creating the foundation for postural alignment, incorporating all the principles of Hatha and Flow.

This practice will keep the body’s functionality and mobilise the energy body to refresh the body’s vibrancy and maintain health. The combination of Yin/Yang yoga allows us to focus on inner alignment, creating the foundation for outer or postural alignment.

Yin Evening Classes (1 hour)

Classes will take place gazing at the Egyptian Sunset this will be a yin practice to maintain balance in your body and mind. The deep restorative asanas of yin are entered slowly and mindfully using the breath they are held for several minutes stimulating energy channels opening up and nourishing the joints to massage the connective tissue enhancing the body’s natural healing process.

The qualities of a yin practice allows the full nourishment of the meridians and is similar to an acupuncture session. This is a wonderful practice after a day of riding.

Classes will finish with a meditation and relaxation incorporating yoga Nidra to calm the mind and body.

Additional Information

Experience level: The horses are all Arabians and almost all stallions, although there are one or two geldings/mares. All are fit and familiar with the desert. Arabian horses are famed for both their beauty and endurance, these are horses that want to ride at all paces, and will be happy to gallop along the sea.

Type of horses: Arab and Arab Crosses
Nature of horses: Forward-going and energetic
Height of horses: Approximately 14.2 – 16hh
Weight limit: 90kg / 14st 2lbs
Tack type: Primarily English tack.
Hours: 4/5 hours day on riding days

Included accommodation: All Inclusive on hotel stays, full board (no alcohol on trail dates) riding, camping equipment. 6 yoga classes.

Single supplement: No single supplement if you are willing to share. Tents are all private so each guest has their own. To have a single room for the first and last night in the hotel is an additional £35 per night.

Payable locally: Tips
Nearest airport: Sharm El Sheikh
Transfers: Included

The Bedouin Way

The Bedouin live their lives by carefully observing the sun, the moon, the stars, our environment and our animals. They know where we are, the time of day, and what weather they can expect by learning how to read all of these things. In a world without television, radio, telephones, computers and other technology they have learnt how to be at one with nature from previous generations, and this skill still runs through the veins of every Bedouin.

Because they are nomads and have never relied on traditional doctors, they take their medicine from nature – herbs & plants. They can treat anything from stomach aches and colds to headaches and fevers this way. When it comes to eating, drinking and knowing about our bodies, they learn from an early age to eat healthy food, always in small amounts.

They make meals at home or in the desert, grow their own vegetables, eat meat they have reared and cook fish they have caught by our their own hands. When they want to sleep or take a rest, they do listening to the bodies needs. Mother nature provides all we need turn off your phone and TV for a few days, and reconnect with yourself…. the Bedouin Way.

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